This is What’s Coming Next

This is what’s coming… Pun intended. On our horizon at city, state and national levels, a multitude of laws and ordanances which will enable males to freely invade spaces and programs previously set aside for the safety and support of women.

Because its too late in Delaware

Shelters from Domestic Abuse and Homelessness will be open to men who “feel like a woman”. The population of homeless men (67%) far exceeds that of women, so on a cold winters night, who do you think will be shoving women out of line and beating them up in dark alleys in order to get in the women’s shelters? What woman who has ever suffered at the hands of an abusive man can feel safe in a “shelter” housing those men? The state of Maine says you’ll be fine. Just trust them.

Massachusetts is planning to expand public accommodations for simple gender expression – restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, hospital wards, women’s shelters, etc. Your best contact for making your views known is:
Rep. James J. Lyons, Jr
State House
Room 39
Boston, MA 02133


District Office:
12 High Vale Lane
Andover, MA 01810 And also for polygamy rights and polyamorous rights so all “non-binary” loving multi-person groups can enjoy the rights and privileges of marriage too.

“It’s not just that you can go into the women’s room and just on a day say that you are a woman or a man, you actually have to have that gender identity.” Uh huh, and how do we determine that when you think gender is between your ears and not between your legs?

Atlanta hosts one of the largest transgender annual events in the nation. Thousands of men-in-dresses spend a week in Hot ‘Lanta, living it up as the pretty women they so delusionally believe themselves to be. Starting with “Princess Day” and ending with “The Prom” in the Ballroom. This city code should keep them coming back for more, all year long! Now, THAT’s Southern Comfort!

No matter what your school records reflect, medical records, how you live at home, any teenaged boy can use the girls locker room and bathroom just because he tells the school “I feel like a girl today”. He can also compete on girls sports teams and if girls don’t make the cut, too bad!

At least someone is thinking about the women and children

But no, there goes the women’s sports teams at Montana State University Self-identity protection has been added to existing sexual orientation policies. The leadership and team building skills which women develop from participating in sex-specific competitive teams can be invaluable in their career success. Women can only succeed when they develop the ambition and confidence to both collaborate and compete. Sports are a vital tool for overcoming the constant sexualization messages which bombard young women today. Learning that more confidence is gained from scoring a soccer goal than buying new and improved waterproof mascara is powerful knowledge – what you accomplish is more important than how you look. Varsity and intramural opportunities for Females will now be lost to Males. Women erased.

But of course they’re thinking about the women! After all, men-in-dresses are teaching “Women’s Studies” in New Hampshire. Or, are they!?!?!?

Even the US Congress says it should be OK for anyone to dress and behave however they like on the job . You can be a Man on Monday, a Woman on Wednesday and whatever Freak or Furry you want on Fridays and a Navy SEAL on Saturdays!

I obviously am not drinking the right water these days. I was born female. I can look in the mirror and I can bend over and look between my legs and I can look at the chromosome test results and see that, yes, I am still female. I can bulk up at the gym, dress in elevator lift shoes and cut my face shaving, but I will still be a female. I can take synthetic hormones and get plastic surgery, but I will still be a female. Nothing can change that.

Maybe the problem is that I drink the water, not the Kool-Aid. Some realities are real, that’s why they’re called Reality.

5 thoughts on “This is What’s Coming Next

  1. I’m not happy with this post. It was rushed; I couldn’t find the links that I know are out there; HUGE gratitude to those who have already highlighted the problem – Gender Trender, GID Watch, etc. I feel a tremendously sense of urgency about this. The laws and court cases are rolling out into the public so fast, and I don’t feel that adequate science has been done to ensure the healthcare industry is doing the right thing for people who identify as transgendered. It’s feel very reactionary, a huge shift in society is taking place to protect the feelings of a minute minority, at the expense and great harm of large, oppressed underclass. The filter down to children feels like abuse. I struggle to find the words to express myself after having been gas lighted so heavily by the trans* community.

    So, I ask, please, write a letter. Write to the communities, states, Senators, who are contemplating these changes and ask them to not implement anything that puts women and children at risk, to not codify into law medical choices which are not supported by thorough scientific research. Starting with Jerry Brown…. Legislation is pending his signature right now. You may contact Governor Jerry Brown by mail at:

    Governor Jerry Brown
    c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Phone: (916) 445-2841
    Fax: (916) 558-3160
    email submission on this website

    A simple paragraph is all you need, refer them to many of the excellent blogs hosted by what I have recently learned to call “radfems” (previously I just thought they were sensible women with minds of their own). See the RESOURCES page for a partial list.

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  3. Oh, wow… I think your “sense of urgency” is obfuscating rational thought.

    Per determining gender identity, we have a lot of ways. First is by clinical evaluation via counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, general practitioners. Second is by prescriptions and/or surgeries. Third is by lived experience.

    And for the record… not a man and not presently (or in the foreseeable future) going to be wearing dresses. I get by just fine as a college girl in ripped jeans and a t-shirt. šŸ™‚

  4. I did feel a tremendous sense of urgency, like most, as this legislation was slipped in quietly and quickly with minimal allowance for public discussion. I am heartened to see the number of lawsuits already in process to contest this law, and even a repeal in process.

    Gender identity doesn’t exist. Biological sex is immutable. It does not change. Cosmetic surgery and hormone therapy do not change your sex.

    Separate male and female spaces exist for a reason. Trans”women” are men, they don’t belong in women’s spaces, no matter the age.

    I have huge concerns about the impact of the transgender agenda on young people. Children who are unhappy in their bodies need support, but misleading them to believe they can, and should, mutilate and medicate their bodies is a horrific idea.

    • And I am heartened at the lack of cause for pursuit. The fear-mongerers can huff and puff into oblivion, but nothing is going to happen.

      Sure… Gender Identity doesn’t exist in the same way that race doesn’t exist. You can tell yourself over and over and over again, but that won’t make it true. And all evidence to the contrary, as hormonal and surgical treatments actually *do* change the majority of your sex characteristics, and therefore *do* change your sex.

      Yeah, for the comfort and safety of women. Law, medicine and science all say that trans men are men and trans women are women, Radfem ideology notwithstanding.

      There is no transgender agenda. We’re 1% of the population, and any “agenda” is supported in its majority by non-transgender people. The medical and psychological support for children born/developed trans by 18 weeks of age is: 1) allowing them to live and present however they want to their peers. 2) reversible puberty suppression. 3) reversible cross-hormonal puberty induction. 4) irreversible surgery at 18 years or older.

      Counseling all throughout the years insuring that the child is happy, safe and well-adjusted to living in the body that they clearly want to live in. You can either accept and support the youth or advocate bullying and stigmatization against them by peers and staff. I refuse to believe that harming children sits well on your conscience.

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