They are Still Out There

Terrifying to know the impact a single person can have on the entire life of a child.

Chocolate flavored condoms.

“Sexy” girls panties.

Legos building blocks.


2 thoughts on “They are Still Out There

  1. I’m really interested in the way that the Daily Heil has reported that case and what that says about is as a society. Their reporting, whilst appearing to be impartial and delivering a fair balance, dwells heavily on the sexual aspects of this case and in that way titillates at least as much as it judges. I’m wondering where the “suck filth” actually resides in this reporting. But hey ho… that’s the gutter print media in the UK for you.

  2. It is sensationalist, but the underlying potential for harm is great. And without a completed crime, for which I am grateful, it is difficult to represent what might have happened without resorting to the eye-catching theatrical photo and prurient details of the gifts. Had real children been involved, and had UK waited to intervene after 18 months of investigation, as is the process for the FBI in USA, then a horrific amount of abuse could have occurred. I believe the potential is what was being reported upon, not simply the actual.

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