There is No T in Lesbian

You have a right to be heard. You, my readers, know better than others, the devastating sexual arousal history and focus behind the political Trans*. Don’t be shy, be honest. Listen to your inner voice and stay strong.

If you support rights for Lesbians and Gays, make your voice heard. Tell others you support rights for Lesbians and Gays, but feel that Transgender is a different thing, and needs to be addressed separately.

It’s that easy to do the right thing. Just say it.

Liberation Collective

In a recent anti-radical feminist screed, published prominently on several leftist blogs, a trans* activist attempted to equate gender critical analysis with homophobia. This is the latest twist on the conflation of the lesbian and gay rights political movement with the trans* political movement. And it’s the latest indication that it will be lesbians, other women, and girls who are most harmed by that conflation.

Though there are claims that our groups have reason to have a strong political alliance, it’s arguable that Gay, Inc. – the large, well-funded and influential political groups – created this conflation simply to increase funding and reach. There doesn’t seem to have been a period of time where lesbians and gay men were allowed any discussion or input about this decision. But there are obvious reasons to question the unholy alliance.

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4 thoughts on “There is No T in Lesbian

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  2. Not sure if you’re getting sick of my musings yet, but here’s another thought.

    I agree that gender identity and sexual orientation are different, but how ironic is it that you can criticize transgenderism for being “all about sex” (it’s not, but whatever) and yet *not* levy that same criticism against homosexuality (which is literally defined by one’s sexual preferences)? The mind boggles…

  3. @ for science Lesbians are not changing themselves in order to be lesbians. Gay men are not changing themselves into some other, different person in order to have sex. Heterosexual couples are not creating entirely new and oppositional personas simply in order to have sex.

    Transsexuals do. Men who want to be desired by other men and enter into sexual relations with them are homosexuals. Men who want to disguise that desire by costuming their male self and pretending to be a woman in a heterosexual relationship with a man are homophobic. They are homosexuals who are afraid to be homosexuals.

    I am not against anyone practicing their sexuality of choice, so long as only consensual adults are involved. I am against a social agenda which seeks to demean sexual choice and enforce heterosexuality by promoting “sex change” as the acceptable alternative to homosexuality.

    Increasingly, transitioners are late age, heterosexual males with decades of transvestism behind them. The are transitioning because their fetish advanced to the point that they became obsessed with the need to be seen as a sexually attractive woman. They have further fetishized the idea of being a lesbian and having sex with lesbians. And as a heterosexual male, this represents their ultimate domination fantasy – lesbians are the trophy target of male sexual fantasies. They will do anything to satisfy their sexual compulsion. Their transition is all about their sexual fetish.

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