Where is YOUR Husband Tonight?

Maybe he’s in a “club equipped with hot tubs, a “gang bang area,” a dungeon, and private rooms.” After all, it is Thursday night tonight.


I love the irony of those interviewed who are so put off by the sexual tone of the event. The entire transgender spectrum is about sex: starting with panty fetish, then compulsive crossdressing for masturbation, followed by autogynephilic obsession with the fantasy of being seen as a sexually attractive woman and finally ending with delusions of gender and transitioning into a man-made “woman”, lusting for sex with their romantic (non-existent) knights in shining armor.

Sex. It’s all about sex.

13 thoughts on “Where is YOUR Husband Tonight?

  1. Ok,, seriously?
    I have read more than a few of your rants and really, I don’t know why I do… it must be like watching a car wreck in slow motion… anyway, I am really sick of your endless, misinformed, misguided, and rather disgusting attacks on transgender people. Maybe everything you say is true about your husband, I don’t know him so I can’t say, but what I can tell you is it is anything but true for myself and I am fed up with you insinuating otherwise. I never had a “panty fetish” nor have I ever gotten off by the clothes I wear. I have no illusions as to my sex appeal.. and I never wanted to be a sexual object despite the fact I understand some people view all women that way. As for “lusting for sex”… what are you, a hormone driven teenager? Really, I have other things to do. So get off your high horse and quit trying to paint every Trans* person with the same brush. It’s disgusting and it’s disrespectful.

    • And yet what do transwomen do? They claim that they are women, reducing women to a single, fetishized patriarchal ideal of what women are, and then claim to be it.
      You are not merely disrespectful towards women, as you don’t even view them as individuals.

  2. In the article they claim tran sex clubs are not ‘common’ –
    yea right !
    google ‘transgender BDSM’-About 2,380,000 results
    ‘transgender BDSM sex clubs’-About 5,710,000 results

  3. @Kira I am not misinformed nor misguided. I am highly intelligent and very well read. I have had enough direct experience with enough transgender spectrum participants to speak confidently and truthfully. I have heard enough shared transgender narratives and overheard enough bathroom, bar and back room conversations to know that I speak the truth.

  4. @DruidWimter Yes, this is not a limited opportunity. There are plenty of similar places catering to both CD/TG and BSDM.

    The correlation between TV/CD/TG is well documented. Approximately 30% of TV/CD/TG primary diagnosis are also diagnosed with BSDM fetish. Approximately 30% of BSDM primary diagnosis are also diagnosed with TV/CD/TG. Just to be clear, these are not the same 30 out of 100 persons. This is a combined 60 out of 100 persons. Reinforcing that is the #1 most frequently googled TV/CD/TG search term of “Forced Feminization”. “Sissified” is another, more disturbing, high frequency search. The underlying intersection of TV/CD/TG with BSDM in the role of child sexuality, pedophilia.

    These are psycho-sexual disorders and they need attention.

    I am not concerned with what consenting adults do in privacy. I am concerned that it not flow over onto innocents. What my husband does in the privacy of his bedroom is his business. When he walks out the door and goes shopping at the mall in his wig, makeup, silicon breasts, lacy panties, floral blouse, pencil skirt and 4 inch heels – he forces his sexual fetish onto everyone who sees him.

  5. I am not so bothered about getting dressed up and going to public places,, it is this push for the right to use the bathrooms that children use, which is the woman’s restroom, even when gender neutral bathrooms are provided, these guys want to be naked around women and underage girls in locker rooms, on word alone that they are ;women’ with a fully functional penis.. Paul Ray Witherspoon aka Paula Witherspoon – convicted paedophile that still has a parole anklet because he is a dangerous high-risk offender is using Dallas LGBT law services to fight for his right to stalk children in the woman’s bathroom. His ‘husband’ is Billy Birdstone another paroled sex offender, but at least he is keeping away from 12 year olds.

    or Stephen Owen – serial paedophile and transvestite. He puts on women’s clothes and cant control his urge to go out in the women’s clothes to rape or assault a child while wearing them.

    Marcus Hance was sentenced to 10 years for rape. His fetish was cross-dressing in pantyhose excessively all over his body. Over his face, to hide his features, over his shoes to hide his footprints and over every inch of his shaved body when he stalked, and attempted to kidnapp and rape female university students.

    These sex offenders should not be allowed access to women & children’s spaces, and men that are known to rape and kill women do not belong in a female prison to rape and kill the women there, because he does not want to be raped by men in the mens’ prison.- . put them in lock down, but you are not really punishing them by giving them caged women to stalk, hunt, rape and re-offend. In LA, they were throwing a tantrum that they did not want to be subject to a pat down or search when being arrested and booked after getting caught doing a crime.

  6. I can testify that this is absolutely true. The “trans umbrella” these men are so concerned with, is merely their attempt to sanitise their true motivations behind their “gender identity issues” and “dysphoria”, and make their sexual fetish into something we (women) feel SYMPATHY for them for. HA! That same old bullshit trick men have played on women for millenia.
    The more I was around these men, the more obvious it was that they are steeped in the ultimate form of male privilege – that which would replace ACTUAL women with their own man-made creations. Creations informed by their porn soaked fantasies. They are as much “women” as I am a cheeseburger. And as for the ones calling themselves “lesbians”…don’t get me started. Rapey creepy MEN.

  7. I really hesitated before clicking on that link. I did it and got away with it and have validated a few things and I’m happy to say that I’m not triggered. Your comment is,of course, on the nail. As you know, I “escalated” from mere panty wearing to full sex addiction and,at the time I stopped, was ready for much worse, and left unchecked would have been deep into BDSM. My Crissdressing was ALL about the sex. It was ALL about being attractive in some way, any way. Hell, I was near jealous of my wife’s sexual assault. That screwed me up in a big way. So “kira” and all your ilk, you’re just in slightly too deep to see. One day you might and I hope you do.

  8. So is the five year old trans girl sitting in a shower and snipping at her penis with rusty nail clippers doing it to get her rocks off?

    And if being trans is all about sex, then what on earth would be the point of transitioning from male (high testosterone, high libido) to female (low testosterone, low libido)? To be honest, the nagging male sex drive is something I was more than happy to see go away. So MtF transition is all about cutting your libido to get more kicks out of a Johnson that can barely stand up anymore? Okay…???

    • @for science,
      I understand the desire to speak up, I did it myself, but I doubt anything you can say or do short of killing yourself will be enough to change the mind here. Never mind the fact for Transsexuals, it isn’t about “sex” or BDSM or some quirk or sexual fetish. Certainly I cannot speak for everyone, but it seems as if some people have been hanging out in the wrong bars and looking for the wrong websites. Of course, when your looking to find the negative in any situation, your going to find it.
      I wonder if it is even worth mentioning much of the claims leveled against Trans women is the same as what has been brought against gay men as a way to show how unnatural and immoral they are. I would also point out there are not just Tans women, but Trans men as well, but I have seen nothing attacking them…. Umm… a woman thinking she is a man is okay, but not the other way around… after all, a woman wanting to usurp male privilege is to be applauded, right?

      Just some food for thought….

  9. @for science I think any 5 year old who snips at any part of their body has some body identity issues. It isn’t limited to penses or little boys. Toes, nipples (both sexes), handfuls of hair, eyebrows, ears, fingers, as well as penis. None of these are unusual targets for BIID/BD.

    The transition from male to transsexual is most often driven by obsession with being seen as a sexually attractive woman, often combined in heterosexual males with fetishized lesbianism. Males who were always strictly dickly are driven by internalized homophobia, a gay male who is afraid to be gay or be seen as gay.

    The vast majority, approximately 85%, of transgendered pre-transition males are practicing a sexual fetish – Fetishistic Transvestism or Autogynephilic Transvestism. Increasingly, as these men progress along the TG pathway, they are electing NOT to obtain Penile Inversion Surgery as part of their transition. Erectile Dysfunction medications are now heavily used to offset the effects of lowered libido after feminizing hormones are started. I do not consider a raging hard on, in any way, to be female. This is strictly male sexualization of females.

    • Wow! I never would have imagined so many perverts were running around in a skirt and high heels… 85%? Really… and just where did you find this information? I hope it was in a peer reviewed scientific paper or journal, because if not… it’s just pointless, baseless gibberish intended to put a fire of righteous ignorance under the butts of people just like yourself.

      As I mentioned in my comment to “for science”. I don’t know about anyone else, I can only speak for myself, but the idea I am somehow into BDSM or under the influence of a sexual fetish almost made me spit coffee all over my monitor… Now I understand there are people for whom crossdressing is a fetish fueled by sexual desire, but it doesn’t mean this is true for everyone, and it certainly hasn’t been true for a number of transsexuals I have spoken to or read their blogs.

      It is an unfortunate side effect of trying to bring such a diverse group of people together under one banner, it tends to blur the lines between different groups, who on the surface may seem similar, but when you look a little deeper you find they have little or nothing in common. I would point to the two extremes of the Trans umbrella… Crossdressers and Transsexuals. Though both find themselves under the single term “Transgender” they are two totally different facets of the gender spectrum. The majority of the slander aimed at Trans people in these comments seems canted toward the CD side of the issue, yet Transsexuals are grouped into it too even if the claims have no relation to reality or to how the medical field views them.

      As I also said, I doubt anything I could say will change any minds. No matter how much evidence may be brought to bear, if someone wants to be convinced something is true, then nothing is going to move them from their position. If you don’t believe me, sit down and talk with a dyed in the wool, true believing, bible thumping christian and you’ll quickly understand.

      Kira Moore

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