Repeat Transgender Bathroom Offender Charged With Battery

THIS is Transgender. A sexual arousal-based social disorder.

Women have a right to physical safety, free from sexual assault, voyuerism and exhibitionists. Legislation won’t cure Sex Dysmorphia. Gender Identity and Expression laws only enable public practice of sexual disorders and male violence. Appropriation of female by males is violent erasure of legal protections specifically set aside for women. it is an act of hate. Misogyny. Any male who attempts to acquire female sex class is actively, violently invading and dominating women. Appropriation, invasion & possession of female sex class by any male through medical-legal transition is aggressive act of domination. It is rape of the female class. Rape.


Alberto Robledo with tattoos covered

25 year old Lewiston Idaho resident Alberto Robledo was served trespassing papers in April for repeatedly using a supermarket restroom designated for women. The store received multiple complaints from female customers who were frightened by the man using the stall next to them. They knew he was a man because he faced the toilet standing up and urinated from his penis.

The women were afraid, if it needs stating, because females are subject to the constant threat of violent and sexualized predation by males for their entire lives. They are particularly vulnerable in areas of public nudity or partial nudity such as restrooms. Public areas where women disrobe, or partially disrobe, such as bathrooms, locker rooms, hospital rooms, jail cells, etc. are sex-segregated for the sole purpose of limiting sexual violence against females by males.

Hearing a man voiding in the next stall was alarming to female patrons because they…

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One thought on “Repeat Transgender Bathroom Offender Charged With Battery

  1. What is scary is that these guys are usually huge, many over six feet and more than 200lbs with criminal records. Men have a lifetime of testosterone fueled growth and can break a woman’s neck.

    When you they scare you, or children, they choose to yell in your face, threaten you or worse just attack like the violent males they are-example: the one that pepper-sprayed a sixyear old in the face for annoying him on his birthday, like the women’s restroom doesnt have children running around? and they get to target for violence. What if the guy wants sex with the kid? Are we to look the other way then too?? Will it be transphobic to stop child -rape? or Do we only look the other way when they become violent, usually with a woman smaller than them or when they attack a child like this incident.
    Women and children deserve protection from these violent men. If they want to dress up, fine, we wont stand in the way of their sexual fetish, but the violence directed on women & children by these men, like in the video above, must stop.

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