Born That Way

Transgender is a public, interactive phenomena. It requires the participation of others, whether they consent or not. It forces someone else’s sexual arousal-based compulsion on unwilling victims in both public places and women’s protective spaces.

Transgender is violent domination and invasive colonization.

Transgender is rape.

I was not born to be raped. No woman is born to be raped. Yet, we are certainly being raped. By men.

There Are So Many Things Wrong With This

I’ve noted the parallels between homosexual activism and transgender activism pushing the idea that people are born with specific sexual orientations or gender identities.

I think this is all a red herring. It does not matter whether a person is born homosexual or not, whether it is a matter of choice or not.

What matters is that sexual orientation or sexual choice is none of anyone’s damned business. Sex is between adult consenting parties. It is a private consensual matter. When it stops being a private consensual matter, it becomes something else.

Gender identity is not a private consensual matter. It is about roles that have public ramifications. It is about transgressing boundaries. It is about girls and women being expected to tolerate intact males in spaces where the girls are obliged to disrobe. It is about traumatized women in shelters being expected to tolerate intact males in what should…

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One thought on “Born That Way

  1. Considering some of the truly vile things I’ve seen written by transgender supporters online, one must ask why, if they hate us so much, are they so damned determine to get at us?

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