QotD: “Gender is who gets to be human, and who gets hurt”

The social practice of Gendering is the method by which women are oppressed. The man-made construction of how women should look, how women should behave, how women should speak, how women should walk, how women should dress, how women should be treated, how women should be used, how women should be abused: only man is huMAN. Woman is less than.

Anti-Porn Feminists

Gender is not some cosmic yin/yang; it’s a fist, and the flesh that bruises. Gender is who gets to be human, and who gets hurt.

Women live inside the barricade of sexual terrorism. Men live outside the barricade of sexual terrorism. In fact, men built that barricade. Fist by fist, and fuck by fuck. It is exactly those violent violating practices that construct a class of people called “women.” That is what men do to break us, and to keep us broken. And that is what gender is: the breaking, and the broken.

Lierre Keith

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Sex or Gender: Does the Form of Transition Matter?

Sex or Gender: Does the Form of Transition Matter?.

Gender hurts women and girls.

The stereotypes which limit our opportunities in life keep us perpetually under paid. The social expectation that we be caretakers to not just our own immediate family, but to extended family, neighbors, schools, co-workers, basically any stranger in need, means we are chronically exhausted, afflicted with multiple stress-related illnesses and are afford little, if any, down time in order to recuperate. We live under constant threat of sex-based violence. We are the largest population of people who have no effective voice within our society. Our bodies are not even our own, white men in dark suits control our reproductive processes.

All of this is done by gendering us. By implementing a coordinated system of social control which limits what females are allowed to do, say or be.

Gender is control system used to oppress the female sex. Gender hurts. It’s supposed to hurt.

*CENSORED* Lesbian Outsmart review of Julia Serano’s “Excluded”

I am aware that the tone of my blog shouts out ANGRY! I get many snide comments from TransWorld that I’m taking my anger over my husband out on innocent transgender birth males who just want to live their pretty little life as a woman. I’m not – my Ex did what people do – he lied in order to get something he wanted. It happens every day to someone somewhere.

I am angry at a society which refuses to recognize the insult and harm done to women by transgender politics. Women’s voices over this issue have been silenced. This censorship is just one example. The silencing, dismissing, attacking of women is relentless. Read the post. Read the comments. Ask yourself why women are being silenced. Ask yourself who is doing the silencing. Ask yourself what do they get from silencing our rejection of transgender politics.