*CENSORED* Lesbian Outsmart review of Julia Serano’s “Excluded”

I am aware that the tone of my blog shouts out ANGRY! I get many snide comments from TransWorld that I’m taking my anger over my husband out on innocent transgender birth males who just want to live their pretty little life as a woman. I’m not – my Ex did what people do – he lied in order to get something he wanted. It happens every day to someone somewhere.

I am angry at a society which refuses to recognize the insult and harm done to women by transgender politics. Women’s voices over this issue have been silenced. This censorship is just one example. The silencing, dismissing, attacking of women is relentless. Read the post. Read the comments. Ask yourself why women are being silenced. Ask yourself who is doing the silencing. Ask yourself what do they get from silencing our rejection of transgender politics.

5 thoughts on “*CENSORED* Lesbian Outsmart review of Julia Serano’s “Excluded”

  1. I’m just curious where this all started. It sounds like your ex is a crossdresser, not transgender. Is that right? If so, then why generalize your anger to transgender people? Why the focus on transgender women and not transgender men?

  2. @ otter: I don’t direct any anger onto transgender people, regardless of their sex. I stated that, already. I am angry at a male-dominated patriarchal society and the political maneuverings it advances in order to subjugate the female sex.

    The social tool of gender is very harmful to females, it has long been used to oppress women, to make us less than men. Gender is an artificial construct, it doesn’t exist as an innate part of either sex. For any male to claim he has a medical birth defect, a physiological female brain, or an inherent woman’s personality, etc. – is just another way for males to claim that the harmful educational differences, pay gap, lack of personal reproductive rights, sexual objectification, casual recipient of male violence, etc. are all a natural outcome of being born a female. These are not natural, biological inferiorities of the female sex. These are systemically applied oppressions, forced on females, by a male-dominated society.

    You cannot “trans” gender without designating gender stereotypes as sex-based naturally occurring behaviors, activities, preferences, etc. This designation will force women to continue to live “less than” lives, subjugated to men. Its a violation of our basic human rights.

  3. “I’m just curious where this all started. It sounds like your ex is a crossdresser, not transgender.”

    Transgender is essentially an umbrella term that includes cross dressers, transsexuals, trans identified people, and almost anyone who is gender non-conforming. Notice how cross dressers are listed under the “Transgender Umbrella”.

    When it’s convenient for them, transgender activists put cross dressers under the “Transgender Umbrella”. Then, when women repeatedly complain that loosely defined “gender identity” laws allow cross dressing males who have no interests in actually undergoing sex reassignment to trample on the privacy rights of women by entering women’s restrooms, etc., they act as if cross dressers are different than transgender. Which is it?


    This is an excellent video that everyone should see.The End of Gender: Revolution, Not Reform

  4. I would like to follow up on the comments from the person named Otter in which cross dressers are assumed not to be transgender. How can they be both transgender and not transgender at the same time? Please read Otter’s sentence again.

    “I’m just curious where this all started. It sounds like your ex is a crossdresser, not transgender.”

    Transgender activists often place cross dressers under the “Transgender Umbrella”. Look at the graphic of the “Transgender Umbrella” and notice the word cross dressers. When people point out the inconvenient fact that most cross dressers are heterosexual males with a sexual fetish who have no desire for sex reassignment surgery because they are quite happy with their fully functioning penis the way it is, transgender activists pretend that they really aren’t transgender after all. No, they don’t belong to us.

    Besides, how are women supposed to tell the difference between a heterosexual male autogynephile who becomes sexually aroused wearing women’s clothing from transwomen if they both dress and look alike? They look like MTFs or transwomen, dress like them, and transgender activists place them under the special “Transgender Umbrella”.

    Studies that go back decades clearly show that paraphilias are found almost exclusively in males. Most paraphilias are more common among males than among females (about 20 to 1 of males to females). http://www.medicinenet.com/paraphilia/page3.htm. I could care less what people do in the privacy of their homes, but stop pretending that a sexual fetish is a civil rights issue that women must learn to accept. It’s an insult to the entire female sex. Under most “gender identity” laws, all males have to do is identify as women to gain access to women’s restrooms and locker rooms. There is nothing to prevent cross dressing males from using women’s restrooms under the guise of “gender identity” laws.

    If people don’t think cross dressing is a sexual fetish, simply google “cross dressing” and porn. There are 1,540,000 hits. Here is another example of transgender and strange sexual fetish. It’s not transgender. It’s the fact that they are still male, and paraphilias are far more common in males. The “adult baby” in this video is a male who identifies as a “girl”.


    If Riley wants to play out his sexual fetish “adult baby” at home by wearing pretty pink nighties, I could care less, but don’t claim “gender identity” and expect to use the women’s restroom. Women shouldn’t be forced to play along with this fantasy. Penis in the women’s restroom is not a civil right, and neither is a sexual fetish or paraphilia.

  5. Transgender activists shamelessly co-opt just about everything. Indeed, I don’t believe there isn’t anything that they haven’t co-opted for their own use. I want to return to the “Transgender Umbrella”. Intersex is under the “Transgender Umbrella”.

    Disorders of sexual development (intersex) is not the same thing as transgender. Every major DSD organization makes a distinction between disorders of sexual development and transgender. DSD are actual medical/genetic conditions whereas transgender is basically all in one’s mind.

    They also shamelessly appropriate Native culture by trying to make a connection between native tribal culture “two spirit” persons, and white, middle aged males who identify as transgender. At the bottom of this graphic, they have the audacity to state that “transgender” encompasses any individual who challenges traditional gender roles. What exactly is “masculine women” and “feminine men”?

    Perhaps the most twisted form of colonization and co-option is taking second wave feminism symbols for their own use. This is disgusting and shameless. Notice the clinched fist inside the women’s symbol. This is a second wave feminism. These are the women who gave us abortion rights, rape crisis centers, equal pay, and Title IX among other accomplishments. Transgender had nothing to do with their work. They were playing dress up while this was going on. Transgender activists who are raping the privacy rights of women through “gender identity” laws are shamelessly stealing second wave feminist symbols.

    From intersex to “two spirit” and second wave feminist symbols, there isn’t anything they won’t co-opt. They are rewriting history as they go along.


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