Letter to University of Oregon Student Government

Women continue to be silenced by men who value the inherent discrimination of assigning femininity to the female sex. Gender is a power hierarchy. It is a socialization and control system whose sole goal is to subjugate women and ensure they are oppressed by male supremacy.

Please speak up to protect the human rights of women.

3 thoughts on “Letter to University of Oregon Student Government

  1. The University of Oregon is a respectable institution of higher learning, but it’s football team has a reputation as a bunch of thugs.



    One football player was suspended for a couple of games for being involved in this snow ball fight that got out of hand.


  2. Instead of conducting a witch hunt against Ms. Keith, perhaps the student senate should take actions to control their football players. The University of Oregon football program has a reputation as Thug U. This has been going on for some time, and I’m not the only person making these comments.

    Watch this video that has been viewed millions of times online. The person being repeatedly pelted is a retired professor. Snow was dumped on his car, and one student even threw some snow into the professor’s lap as he was getting out of his car. This out of control spectacle looks like a bunch of rampaging junior high boys instead of college age males.


    This is from an online newspaper from the UK.





    Duck players being suspended is nothing new.


    Oregon football: LaMichael James arrested on domestic violence charges


    Ms. Lierre Keith is a threat to the University of Oregon, but not the out of control thuggish behavior of their football players.

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