On safe spaces and compliance

The “E” Means Non-Compliant


Safe spaces are not just physical entities. They can, and should, exist inside your own mind. The most intimate safe spaces — the physical boundaries of your own body, the theoretical boundaries of your own self-definition — should be the most inviolable ones of all.

Most women know that this is not how things work in practice. They have known it all their lives. Taught to be accessible and passive from birth — not hard, boisterous and demanding — they learn that their safety is partial and contingent on a lack of resistance. Do what the nice man says and no one will get hurt.

Feminism has fought against this, arguing that women deserve the space to be whoever they are, freely, as complete entities rather than as adjuncts to the male ego. There have been political outcomes to this (the creation of women’s refuges and family planning clinics, for…

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One thought on “On safe spaces and compliance

  1. Logic is a social construct devised at the hands of the white male patriarchy, zionist-capitalists, the religious right, and the military industrial complex. Mathematical formalism is nothing more than an attempt to rape opposing, qualitative schools of thought into submission. It is the idolization of “masculine” thinking: rigid, tight, emotionless, at the expense of fluid feminine thinking which is ever changing, spiritual, and flexible. We should be trying to move ourselves farther and farther away from the oppressive pedagogy of numbers and embrace the knowledge that nothing can really ever be known, certainly not the abstract philosophical truths of mathematics, because of the tools of mathematics were created to maintain the status quo and privilege the dominant paradigms and meta-narrative of the reigning race-class-gender hierarchy. DOWN WITH HUCKSTERS AND MESEARCHERS!!

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