Liberal and Conservative Christianity, the same book, a different binding, and why I , as a Catholic radfem, refuse to sit by while “liberals” perpetuate the very systems which oppress me, spiritually, because I’m female.


I have recently been party to conversations with progressive Christians into the nature and acceptance of the transgender/transexual movement.

The general consensus is of acceptance(rightly) of transgender individuals
As equally made by God and ergo equally deserving of our love and acceptance.
And on an individual, person to person basis, this is not only the right thing to do as Christians, it is the only thing to do.
This, however, has lead to a blind acceptance of much of the politics involved in the transgender movement, with no analysis of the veracity of stated”scientific basis” for said, or discernment regarding the actual consequences for females and women’s liberation within Christianity and it’s home, the church.

There is NO scientific of neurological basis for transsexuality or transgenderism. Because of this, major institutions such as Johns Hopkins no longer carry out sex reassignment surgery. If we were to view gender dysphoria the…

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