2 thoughts on “Introducing Special Snowflake #24749

  1. I am very confused about the person who wrote this blog post.

    Currently, she goes by Ella Hawthorne, but for many years up until not so long ago, she went by “Bushfire” or “Blamer Bushfire.” Under those names, she defended and upheld the reality of gender identity as real, as brain-based, and as deserving full acceptance in the radical feminist community. In one particular instance that I remember well, she defended a transactivist Natalie (“Die cis scum!”) Reed for having planned a trans protest of the memorial for the Montreal Massacre (because Reed hated the gender-critical feminists who were speaking about male violence against women at this event in Vancouver, BC). On many feminist blogs, Bushfire “called out” feminists as “transphobic,” used all the familiar and ridiculous trans tropes in her arguments, and called other women “disgusting” for their views on gender. Me included.

    If you choose not to publish this comment, pantypopo, I will understand. I don’t want to cause trouble for you or any other feminist and/or trans-critical bloggers. But, I think there may be very good reasons not to trust Ella/Bushfire, at least without an explanation of how her politics have so suddenly changed. And, if her analysis has, indeed, really changed, why she has not apologized (not that I’ve seen) for using anti-woman, trans rhetoric and insults so aggressively against other women.

  2. If he’s male, why does he have to choose between being male or female? I have male friends who are not trans; but they do happen to be androgynous/femme; but they do not change genders, or imitate the opposite sex/gender at all, or identify as the opposite sex/gender like this guy sometimes does.

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