Let’s avoid “gender fraud” by just being honest

“You cannot give informed consent when you don’t know who your partner actually is.”

Purple Sage

In the last few days, several news stories have come across my news feed where a gay or lesbian person has been pretending to be the opposite sex to get into bed with straight people. This does not go well.

In 2013, a 26-year-old woman was put on probation for pretending to be a teenage boy and having sexual contact with two teenage girls. The woman identifies as a man and wanted to have sex-reassignment.

Earlier this year, a 25-year-old woman was jailed for 8 years for pretending to be a man to have sex with her female friend. She does not seem to have a male gender identity.

A MtF trans teen has his own BBC documentary about trying to date straight men and being rejected.

In all three of these cases, the subject is actually homosexual but pretending not to be. Even though same-same marriage is being legalized…

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Transwoman Stefonknee Wolscht Lives Life “as a Six Year Old Girl”

THIS is transgender


This six-year-old girl has some issues.

Before coming out as her true authentic pediatric female self, Stefonknee (“Steph on knee”, geddit?) was a 53 year old man named Paul who was living his inauthentic life as the married father of seven children. According to him, he looked after the kids while his wife worked as the principal of an elementary school. He was also self-employed as an auto mechanic who worked on cars in a garage on the family property “mainly overnight” after his wife got home.

In 2009 he was charged with 14 criminal offenses of assault, uttering threats, criminal harassment, and criminal mischief. His wife and their two oldest children- then in their late teens- testified against him. He was found guilty of assault and uttering threats. The court also issued a two-year restraining order against him that applied to his wife and all seven of his children…

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