2 thoughts on “Let’s avoid “gender fraud” by just being honest

    • Yes, it is interesting that such an obvious trend has been overlooked by media and policy makers. Where are the celebrity trans”men”?!?! If transition is such a courageous and inspiring event, why is it only the male-born transgenderists who are featured so prominently? Why isn’t Buck Angel or Chaz Bono “Man of the Year” in GQ or Esquire? Why aren’t they gracing the cover of Men’s Health and featured regularly in Fishing, Auto Repair and Motorcycle magazines?

      The lack of female-born transgenderist celebrity underscores the brilliant analyses of Janice Raymond and Sheila Jeffreys: it is only natural that women desperately desire to escape their gendered oppression in any way possible. FtT is not validation of brain sex, it’s capitulation to your oppressors. It is not brave or courageous to make the smart choice and join the winning side, almost every man out there would do the same. Men, the malestream media, and patriarchal governments see FtT transition as logical and expedient, not remarkable.

      The concept of giving up male privilege, which MtT certainly do not do, is much more interesting than a female scraping privilege crumbs off the floor after the men have eaten. Besides, FtT is just a woman, after all, and not nearly so important as the actions and choice of men.

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