I Know

“What? Why?”, I ask him. The time and place vary, the questions vary, his specific displays of stress, shame and discomfort vary. His answer does not.

He doesn’t know.

He doesn’t know what it is that he wants. He drops his head, refusing to look me in the eyes. Mumbles, “I don’t know.”

He doesn’t know why he wants to be seen as a woman. But this is what he wants. He wants “to be” a woman.

“Why?”, I ask him.

He doesn’t know. He squirms on the other end of the couch, twisting away from me, stares out the plate glass window.

“What do you like about being seen as a woman?”, I ask.

He doesn’t know. He picks at the cuticles of his fingernails.

“What do you dislike about being a man?”, I ask. “I don’t know!”, he snaps, exhaling heavily, rolling his head back, eyes searching the ceiling.

The truth arises as the questions pour from my mouth:

“At what average age are prostituted women first commercially sexually exploited? How many incarcerated women are survivors of incest? What’s the average pay gap between women and men? How many women per week are killed by men? What percentage of college women will be raped? Why are the majority of prostituted people indigenous women and women of color, and why are the majority of their johns white men? What percentage of girls suffer with eating disorders? In developing countries, what percentage of AIDS victims are girls and women? What’s the annual profit of the pornography industry? How many women and girls per hour are raped in South Africa? How many tens of millions of girls are denied educations simply because they are female? What percentage of trafficked humans are prostituted girls and women? How much does the morning after pill cost?”

He doesn’t know.

Transgenderism is Antifeminism

“Your status as male is what allows you the power to shape real social, economic, and financial conditions based on what you want. When women, an oppressed group, tell you no, this is not oppression of you. This is resistance to total and complete domination.”

On becoming a TERF

This is how it happens.

Stand up for Women. Stand with Women. Put Women First.

Feminists Unknown's Blog

You’re not quite sure when it started. It was a creeping hysteria, progressing inch by inch, breaking down the boundaries word by word and phrase by phrase.

When the ground is being pulled from under you, you try to make the best of it. You think “well, how much space do I need anyhow?” You shuffle your feet, stand on tip-toe, say “no, it’s fine, I can live with this”. You are, you tell yourself, being practical and considerate. It might militate against what you believe yourself to be, and the space to which you feel you are entitled, but you’ve been used to this since the day you were born. You are, after all, a woman, or so you used to allow yourself to think.

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Sex or Gender: Does the Form of Transition Matter?

Sex or Gender: Does the Form of Transition Matter?.

Gender hurts women and girls.

The stereotypes which limit our opportunities in life keep us perpetually under paid. The social expectation that we be caretakers to not just our own immediate family, but to extended family, neighbors, schools, co-workers, basically any stranger in need, means we are chronically exhausted, afflicted with multiple stress-related illnesses and are afford little, if any, down time in order to recuperate. We live under constant threat of sex-based violence. We are the largest population of people who have no effective voice within our society. Our bodies are not even our own, white men in dark suits control our reproductive processes.

All of this is done by gendering us. By implementing a coordinated system of social control which limits what females are allowed to do, say or be.

Gender is control system used to oppress the female sex. Gender hurts. It’s supposed to hurt.

Castrate Rape

Over the past few years communities, and even entire states, have implemented legal protections for individuals who self-identify as “Transgender”. This umbrella term includes a variety of individuals who practice stereotypical behaviors, interests or presentation (clothes, hairstyling, accessorizing, etc.) of the biological sex opposite that of the individual’s birth.(1) The most prevalent of these are heterosexual males practicing a sexual fetish – Transvestism (crossdressing) or Autogynephilia.(2) These legal protections most frequently provide the transgender individual (heterosexual males) with unlimited access to sex-segregated facilities of the opposite sex (females – women and girls). This includes access to bathrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms, women’s shelters, hospital wards, etc.

The argument in support of this is always that these males “feel like” women. The reality is they are not women or girls. They are men and boys.

So, women and girls are expected to simply trust men. Trust that “feeling like” a woman negates any potential for male violence. Trusting men hasn’t worked well for us over the past several centuries. And it isn’t something we should do this time, either.

Beyond “feeling like” a woman, the protection which transgender activists are quick to offer up is that these men are physically incapable of rape. That isn’t true.

Almost a third, 29% of male-born transgender, do not make any medical (hormonal) or surgical changes to their bodies.(9) These men are fully functioning males, driven by testosterone. There is nothing at all which reduces their ability, nor diminishes their desire, to have erect-penis sexual activity with women. Again, almost 1/3 of male-born transgender are testosterone loaded, penis and testicles equipped, MEN.

Of the remaining male-born transgender who do elect to have medical/surgical services, 80% of those do not have any sex reassignment surgery.(9) This represents 57% of the total male-born transgender population. They are still a physically intact male – with both testicles and penis. They are considered chemically castrated by self-administered synthetic hormone treatments – testosterone reducers and female hormones. Keep in mind that there is no state- or medical-mandated monitoring in place to ensure prescribed testosterone blockers or synthetic hormones are being taken.

Of those who do opt for some sexual surgery, which is only 14% of the total male-born population, the majority elect to have an orchidectomy, surgical removal of the testes.(9) They are surgically castrated. No testicles – they still have a penis.

25% of castrated males are fully capable of achieving and maintaining an erection after castration with no medical, no pharmaceutical, and no mechanical assistance.(3) When the male is sexually aroused, he will have an erection. This is regardless of whether the castration is chemical or surgical. Whether the castration was due to illness, accident or an elective procedure for cosmetic purposes.

An additional 65 – 70% of castrated males are capable of achieving and sustaining an erection with the use of phosphodiesterase (PDE-5) inhibitors.(4) These are common erectile dysfunction medications: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. The same medications which are prescribed, and often provided for free, by Planned Parenthood to the transgender community.(5)

In total, 90 – 95% of castrated males are fully capable of sustaining an erection for sexual intercourse.

Men who have been chemically castrated may still produce sperm. Production often decreases, but live sperm is usually still present in semen.(6) Sperm which will still impregnate a female.

Surgically castrated men with erections are also fully capable of both having an orgasm and ejaculating. Seminal fluid is still produced by the prostate gland. The ejaculatory duct is still intact and still feeds from the prostate into the urethra of the penis. The penis still ejaculates upon orgasm. A thinner, more watery ejaculation, there’s no spermatozoa, but its still bodily fluid.

Its still life-threatening.

Multiple surveys and studies have been conducted on the high prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases among the transgender population. The San Francisco AIDS Foundation determined the Transgender Community has the highest overall HIV diagnosis rate of any group in the state of California. Almost 50% higher than the Men-having-sex-with-Men (MSM) group. SFAF estimates the prevalence rate of HIV in the male-born transgender community to be 35 – 48%.(7) A nation-wide systemic review of AIDs and HIV prevalence in 29 transgender community locations across USA indicates an infection rate as high as 68%.(8). The transgender population is 400% more likely to be HIV+ than the general population. (9)

Roughly, one third to two thirds of the male born transgender population is infected with HIV.

To summarize, 93-97% of ALL male-born transgender, including those who have been “castrated” through surgery and/or hormones still have a penis and are:

Fully capable of penetrative sexual intercourse – vaginally, orally, anally.

Fully capable of ejaculating HIV+ seminal fluid.

Fully capable of having sex with women.

Or, raping them.


(1) http://www.scottishtrans.org/guidance/transgender-umbrella/ NOTE: persons who are Intersexed or have Disorders of Sex Development are NOT transgender (see http://www.isna.org/faq/transgender)

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(9) http://transequality.org/PDFs/NTDSReportonHealth_final.pdf

GUEST POST: You are not a feminist

Females are born. The stereotypical roles, behaviors and appearance of women varies across different cultures. No female is born with the knowledge that she should grow long hair, apply makeup, dress in skirts and heels, smile sweetly, speak softly and provide caretaking to men. These stereotypical behaviors, roles and appearances are forced on her, in service to a male-dominated society which does not value her as an equal. Socially constructed behaviors, roles and appearances are not innate to any individual.

Feminism is the socio-political advancement of females, an oppressed sex class. Actions and behaviors which promote males and male-dominated social systems are not feminism. Women who value and promote the rights and protection of men over women in any circumstance or situation are not feminists.

You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you.

Stop coopting the term “feminist.”

If you privilege trans concerns over woman-born-women’s concerns, you are not a feminist.

If you believe that the question of “what does it mean to be a woman?” has been settled, and that the only legitimate answer is that a woman is anyone who declares that identity, you are not a feminist.

If you regard a love of pink, frills, makeup, and high heels as evidence that a person is really female deep inside, you are not a feminist.

If you believe that being a woman is based on personal conviction, and that body, genetics, and socialization are irrelevant, you are not a feminist.

If you use the phrase “radical feminist” as an ugly epithet, you are not a feminist.

If you uncritically believe in “brain sex,” you are not a feminist.

If you insist that everyone who self-identifies as a woman must be one…

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Providing Arousal

Cross-dressing is a psychosexual disorder of men who wear women’s clothing for the purposes of becoming sexually aroused. It is a chronic disorder – it cannot be cured, and it will never go away. It is a progressive disease – what starts as masturbating to ads for women’s lingerie progresses to wearing mothers or sisters panties progresses to buying, or stealing, their own lingerie progresses to more complete outfits in tight sweaters, skirts and high heels progresses to wigs, makeup and falsies progresses to sneaking out in public while dressed as a woman progresses to a complete obsession with being seen by others as a sexually attractive woman.

It is a disease. It is men practicing their sexual fetish in public. Exposing innocent women and children, as collateral damage, in their pursuit for greater, more prolonged, sexual arousal. Their desire to publicly practice their sexual


Transvestic Fetishism progresses to Autogynephilic Transvestism. Autogynephilia creates such an obsession with “being a woman” that men look for excuses to justify their obsession. They become convinced that were actually “supposed to be a woman”. They come to believe they were born with a “woman’s brain”. They claim they are “a woman trapped in a man’s body”.

This isn’t internal, innate identity. Its sexual fetishism. It’s the practice of public sex, with participation forced on others.

Providing arousal. That is why men want to be woman. It provides them with sexual arousal.

No *one Is not born a woman* , does NOT mean *but one can do so if one identifies as such*.

Men have oppressed women for 10,000 years. As women, we have a direct matriarchal bloodline which passes both the wisdom, and the pain, of being a woman, from mother to daughter, generation after generation after generation. Our biology, specifically our reproductive potential, is the cause of our oppression. This is being a woman. No amount of medication or surgery will make a man into a woman. It is an insult to women to even propose so.


This famous quote , by Simone De Beauvoir, “one is not born but rather becomes, a woman” Seems to have been co-opted by the trans lobby as a totem for their cause, meaning, as they see it, that one can become a woman, so to speak, by defining one’s self as one, ie; ” identifying”.

Well. I’ve a few questions then.

1. Have you ever belonged to a class of people whose reproductive biology is seen as their duty?
2. Given that, have you ever belonged to a class of people who are used, via rape of said, as a weapon of war and ethnic cleansing, throughout history and still, to this day, around the world?
3. Do you belong to a class of people who are held accountable for said rapes, and violence toward them in general, because you have a vulva?
4. Do you belong to a class…

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