A few places and names to help you deal with the negative impact his crossdressing and transgender agenda has had on your life.

THE KOOL-AID: Don’t drink it. Thats worth repeating – Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid. This is about sex and power. From the hiddden crossdresser who masturbates in stolen panties to the transsexual who spends $200,000 for facial feminization surgery, breast implants, and penis inversion and calls hisself a woman – it’s all about sex. It is men who have allowed the fantasy of themselves as a sexually attractive woman to become their sole source of sexual arousal culminating in an obsession to make their fantasy a reality. It is their delusional and perverted sexual desire forced on the general public. It is an act of aggression and hatred towards females. “If I can’t own you, I will be you.”

INTERNET FORUM: Crossdressers Wives is a website which offers support to women who have found themselves in a relationship with a man on the Transgender Spectrum – crossdressers, transvestites, autogynephilic, transsexual. What sets this particular forum apart is that it is dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to the current or former wife/partner who struggles with the negative impacts of crossdressing, Autogynephilia and transgerism. There are several adjunct “partners” or “significant others” sections in the many forums which cater to crossdressers – but all of those forums are expressly for wives and partners who actively support, encourage and enjoy their male’s transgender fetish behavior. So any questions or posts which present crossdressing in a negative light on those forums are deleted. Users who repetitively attempt negative or questioning posts are quickly banned or restricted to read-only status. The simplistic structure of this forum has limitations. It can be difficult to follow various posts to read the entire “conversation”. There are a lot of women who want to stay in their relationship and simply use the forum to vent. There are also some who either have left or are leaving the crossdresser. Unfortunately, those who have left the relationship tend to also leave the forum, so a lot of relevant knowledge and experience leaves with them. But new “Had enough of this shit!” users are always finding the forum and staying on it long enough to work through their feelings and experiences so that the reality is always represented. The forums catering to crossdressers and transgenders can make you crazy, as they are misogynist, gas-lighting propaganda machines for the entire “Transgender” movement. Read them to see just how delusional those people are, then go to Crossdressers Wives for support. Good Luck!

Gender Critical Blogs, Essays and Analysis (Women who KNOW Trans*women are Men):

And many more… The real story is out there, it isn’t always easy to find. But these are some of the best I have located. And, please, if you have additional links, do share them.

STATE LAWS: an excellent resource for all transgender legal issues. Keep in mind that ANY accommodation and access based on “Gender Expression” brings this sexual fetish into your life and public spaces. It makes it legal for autogynephilic and fetish transvestites (crossdressers) to practice their perversion in women’s public bathrooms, gym locker rooms, department store dressing rooms, rape and sex abuse shelters, school and camp dormitories, hospital wards – places where you are most vulnerable and exposed.

DOES ANY OF THIS EVEN IMPACT ME? Short answer, yes. Keep in mind, if you’re a female, any female, some he has negatively impacted your life. If you’re the father of a daughter, some he has negatively impacted your daughter’s life and if you love your daughter, that means that he has negatively impacted your life. If you are the brother of a sister, some he has negatively impacted your sister’s life and if you love your sister, that means that he has negatively impacted your life. If you are the husband of a female, some he has negatively impacted your wife’s life, and if you love your wife, he has also negatively impacted your life.

They are out there, almost 8,000,000 transgender in the USA alone: wearing their sexual fetish on their sleeves in public places. Watching you. Trying to expose themselves to you. Masturbating in places you mistakenly assumed were segregated and secured for females only. Posting pictures of their fetish self on the websites your family uses: fan pages of the local zoo, nearby amusement park, “best in town” restaurants. Videoing your walk through the Mall, photographing your Girls Night Out, videoing your shoes and recording the sound of your urination in the Ladies Room of your favorite dance club. Posting your private life on the internet. Posting their perversion where your children will stumble across it. You are being preyed upon. You don’t have to live with one to have been his target. All you have to do is exist.

5 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Well done for exposing MTFs for what they are – abusive misogynists consumed with ENVY for real women.
    I’ve been watching online for ages now to see whether close relatives will stand up to these bullies – they are very dangerous and we need an international movement to confront the creeping ‘gender’ laws in various jurisdictions that are giving them a legup and eroding respect for women’s dignity and rights. I myself am a biological relative of an MTF and I’ve always refused to play along. I refuse to call him ‘she’ even when he is in the room. I am almost the only person in the family who completely refuses to stay along, because I was traumatised by the whole thing, and you know what, refusing to play along does WONDERS for your mental health! I HIGHLY recommend NOT playing along with male transsexuals, because they want to manipulate normal, real women into being codependent, just like all male addicts. I HIGHLY recommend setting STRONG, non-negotiable boundaries with transsexual relatives, to the point of shutting them out altogether. You and your sanity, and that of your children, is vastly more important than any semblance of ‘playing happy families’, ‘family values’, etc.

  2. Just found your website. Halleluah! There are other normal women out there who are having to deal with their husbands gender dysphoria and its devestating effect on their families and lives. I haven’t read much yet but I sure as hell identify with what I’ve read so far. I’ve got a meeting with my lawyer tomorrow, my son’s school psychologist later this week and with my psychologist next week. What happened to my rights as a heterosexual woman and mother? I’m just not going along with any of this political correctness. I married a man. After 28 years together it seems I’m married to a man who thinks he’s a woman. However if you asked him he’d say I was wrong on that…he IS a woman. Well, it must be true because it’s down on his facebook page as Gender..Female. And he has followers to prove it.!

  3. Correction in the above comment: A non-trans sex offender will never have to act as stand in for the entire non-trans population.

  4. “Recording the sound of your urination.”

    OK, you caught us, we go through all the trouble and discomfort and risk to our lives so we can record the outside of your urination.

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