QotD: “Gender is who gets to be human, and who gets hurt”

The social practice of Gendering is the method by which women are oppressed. The man-made construction of how women should look, how women should behave, how women should speak, how women should walk, how women should dress, how women should be treated, how women should be used, how women should be abused: only man is huMAN. Woman is less than.

Anti-Porn Feminists

Gender is not some cosmic yin/yang; it’s a fist, and the flesh that bruises. Gender is who gets to be human, and who gets hurt.

Women live inside the barricade of sexual terrorism. Men live outside the barricade of sexual terrorism. In fact, men built that barricade. Fist by fist, and fuck by fuck. It is exactly those violent violating practices that construct a class of people called “women.” That is what men do to break us, and to keep us broken. And that is what gender is: the breaking, and the broken.

Lierre Keith

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Sex or Gender: Does the Form of Transition Matter?

Sex or Gender: Does the Form of Transition Matter?.

Gender hurts women and girls.

The stereotypes which limit our opportunities in life keep us perpetually under paid. The social expectation that we be caretakers to not just our own immediate family, but to extended family, neighbors, schools, co-workers, basically any stranger in need, means we are chronically exhausted, afflicted with multiple stress-related illnesses and are afford little, if any, down time in order to recuperate. We live under constant threat of sex-based violence. We are the largest population of people who have no effective voice within our society. Our bodies are not even our own, white men in dark suits control our reproductive processes.

All of this is done by gendering us. By implementing a coordinated system of social control which limits what females are allowed to do, say or be.

Gender is control system used to oppress the female sex. Gender hurts. It’s supposed to hurt.

GUEST POST: You are not a feminist

Females are born. The stereotypical roles, behaviors and appearance of women varies across different cultures. No female is born with the knowledge that she should grow long hair, apply makeup, dress in skirts and heels, smile sweetly, speak softly and provide caretaking to men. These stereotypical behaviors, roles and appearances are forced on her, in service to a male-dominated society which does not value her as an equal. Socially constructed behaviors, roles and appearances are not innate to any individual.

Feminism is the socio-political advancement of females, an oppressed sex class. Actions and behaviors which promote males and male-dominated social systems are not feminism. Women who value and promote the rights and protection of men over women in any circumstance or situation are not feminists.

You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you.

Stop coopting the term “feminist.”

If you privilege trans concerns over woman-born-women’s concerns, you are not a feminist.

If you believe that the question of “what does it mean to be a woman?” has been settled, and that the only legitimate answer is that a woman is anyone who declares that identity, you are not a feminist.

If you regard a love of pink, frills, makeup, and high heels as evidence that a person is really female deep inside, you are not a feminist.

If you believe that being a woman is based on personal conviction, and that body, genetics, and socialization are irrelevant, you are not a feminist.

If you use the phrase “radical feminist” as an ugly epithet, you are not a feminist.

If you uncritically believe in “brain sex,” you are not a feminist.

If you insist that everyone who self-identifies as a woman must be one…

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No *one Is not born a woman* , does NOT mean *but one can do so if one identifies as such*.

Men have oppressed women for 10,000 years. As women, we have a direct matriarchal bloodline which passes both the wisdom, and the pain, of being a woman, from mother to daughter, generation after generation after generation. Our biology, specifically our reproductive potential, is the cause of our oppression. This is being a woman. No amount of medication or surgery will make a man into a woman. It is an insult to women to even propose so.


This famous quote , by Simone De Beauvoir, “one is not born but rather becomes, a woman” Seems to have been co-opted by the trans lobby as a totem for their cause, meaning, as they see it, that one can become a woman, so to speak, by defining one’s self as one, ie; ” identifying”.

Well. I’ve a few questions then.

1. Have you ever belonged to a class of people whose reproductive biology is seen as their duty?
2. Given that, have you ever belonged to a class of people who are used, via rape of said, as a weapon of war and ethnic cleansing, throughout history and still, to this day, around the world?
3. Do you belong to a class of people who are held accountable for said rapes, and violence toward them in general, because you have a vulva?
4. Do you belong to a class…

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The F Word @thefworduk (UK)

The F Word @thefworduk (UK).

As a woman recovering from a relationship with a man who wants to be a woman, I experienced a lot of personal hurt and injury during my close encounter of the trans* kind. As an individual, I have been hurt by the lies and deceit. I have felt very angry about the time I wasted living with, and loving, someone who doesn’t actually exist. But, deceit and betrayal are not new issues in human relationships. I’ll survive.

As a member of the sex class, Women, however, I do doubt my survival. I doubt the survival of all of us. Male-born transgender are exercising their male privilege and demanding the right to define our sex class for themselves. Men are demanding full and complete access to all women at all times. Men are demand that THEY be the women and that WE be…. nothing.

Men hating and subjugating women is part of our everyday lives. Everyday misogyny. We live in a very powerful, entrenched patriarchy. Women are oppressed by men. This is the way we are forced to live.

There have always been handmaidens under patriarchy, those women who act on the behalf of men to get men what they want from women. It is sad that they exist. It is sadder that they present themselves to Women as warriors, fighting on our behalf, fighting with us, to free ourselves from male supremacy.

This is The F Word. An organization which holds itself forth to women as a feminist resource to eliminate male oppression of women. Meet the Handmaidens: The F Word allows Men to define you, encourages Men to invade your private space, answers to an agenda set by Men. They do not support the liberation of Women from Male Oppression; they assist in our Oppression.