They Are Out There

Oh yes, they ARE out there… And this is sitting on the desk of The Governor, awaiting his signature!/entry/california-is-about-to-pass-a-law-requiring-bathroom-locker,51d6d3a8da27f5d9d0f26a6a or this

Protection for Gender Expression will only exacerbate the criminal activities listed below. As men are more freely allowed to impersonate women, the incidence of flashing, peeping, groping will increase. More men-in-dresses will be lurking in restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms – there will no legal way to prevent it. The laws and social norms which now attempt to prevent this behavior will, instead, be criminalized. The opportunities for rape and abuse of females will increase, as women and girls will be conditioned to accept men amongst their presence in the most vulnerable circumstances. Allowing males to self-identify as female puts physically and socially weaker people at harmful, relentless risk. Males with bigger muscles, denser bones, stronger bodies and aggressive socialized behaviors will be granted complete access to smaller, weaker females.,0,7248055.story and (warning: child pornography) and Note that he wears “just panties”. and (Note his 2nd Arrest) (warning: child pornography) (warning: 4 yr old child victim) (warning: indecency with a child)!topic/soc.culture.ukrainian/xd7BUdHjZ0I (warning: child torture)–45891×3231929 (wearing a “maid’s dress” with genitals showing)