Jeffreys on the ‘degendering’ of women’s spaces

Female-only spaces are integral to the physical, emotional and political protection of women. It is a violation of women’s human rights to be told we do not exist as a separate, historically oppressed class of people, distinct from our oppressors. It erases us. It hides our oppression. It will eventually eliminate us. Completely.

Sex or Gender: Does the Form of Transition Matter?

Sex or Gender: Does the Form of Transition Matter?.

Gender hurts women and girls.

The stereotypes which limit our opportunities in life keep us perpetually under paid. The social expectation that we be caretakers to not just our own immediate family, but to extended family, neighbors, schools, co-workers, basically any stranger in need, means we are chronically exhausted, afflicted with multiple stress-related illnesses and are afford little, if any, down time in order to recuperate. We live under constant threat of sex-based violence. We are the largest population of people who have no effective voice within our society. Our bodies are not even our own, white men in dark suits control our reproductive processes.

All of this is done by gendering us. By implementing a coordinated system of social control which limits what females are allowed to do, say or be.

Gender is control system used to oppress the female sex. Gender hurts. It’s supposed to hurt.

The F Word @thefworduk (UK)

The F Word @thefworduk (UK).

As a woman recovering from a relationship with a man who wants to be a woman, I experienced a lot of personal hurt and injury during my close encounter of the trans* kind. As an individual, I have been hurt by the lies and deceit. I have felt very angry about the time I wasted living with, and loving, someone who doesn’t actually exist. But, deceit and betrayal are not new issues in human relationships. I’ll survive.

As a member of the sex class, Women, however, I do doubt my survival. I doubt the survival of all of us. Male-born transgender are exercising their male privilege and demanding the right to define our sex class for themselves. Men are demanding full and complete access to all women at all times. Men are demand that THEY be the women and that WE be…. nothing.

Men hating and subjugating women is part of our everyday lives. Everyday misogyny. We live in a very powerful, entrenched patriarchy. Women are oppressed by men. This is the way we are forced to live.

There have always been handmaidens under patriarchy, those women who act on the behalf of men to get men what they want from women. It is sad that they exist. It is sadder that they present themselves to Women as warriors, fighting on our behalf, fighting with us, to free ourselves from male supremacy.

This is The F Word. An organization which holds itself forth to women as a feminist resource to eliminate male oppression of women. Meet the Handmaidens: The F Word allows Men to define you, encourages Men to invade your private space, answers to an agenda set by Men. They do not support the liberation of Women from Male Oppression; they assist in our Oppression.

Born That Way

Transgender is a public, interactive phenomena. It requires the participation of others, whether they consent or not. It forces someone else’s sexual arousal-based compulsion on unwilling victims in both public places and women’s protective spaces.

Transgender is violent domination and invasive colonization.

Transgender is rape.

I was not born to be raped. No woman is born to be raped. Yet, we are certainly being raped. By men.

There Are So Many Things Wrong With This

I’ve noted the parallels between homosexual activism and transgender activism pushing the idea that people are born with specific sexual orientations or gender identities.

I think this is all a red herring. It does not matter whether a person is born homosexual or not, whether it is a matter of choice or not.

What matters is that sexual orientation or sexual choice is none of anyone’s damned business. Sex is between adult consenting parties. It is a private consensual matter. When it stops being a private consensual matter, it becomes something else.

Gender identity is not a private consensual matter. It is about roles that have public ramifications. It is about transgressing boundaries. It is about girls and women being expected to tolerate intact males in spaces where the girls are obliged to disrobe. It is about traumatized women in shelters being expected to tolerate intact males in what should…

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Repeat Transgender Bathroom Offender Charged With Battery

THIS is Transgender. A sexual arousal-based social disorder.

Women have a right to physical safety, free from sexual assault, voyuerism and exhibitionists. Legislation won’t cure Sex Dysmorphia. Gender Identity and Expression laws only enable public practice of sexual disorders and male violence. Appropriation of female by males is violent erasure of legal protections specifically set aside for women. it is an act of hate. Misogyny. Any male who attempts to acquire female sex class is actively, violently invading and dominating women. Appropriation, invasion & possession of female sex class by any male through medical-legal transition is aggressive act of domination. It is rape of the female class. Rape.