Just Panties

“Just panties”. Says who ?!?!?! He says it, they say it, our therapist tried to say it, even she says it. Even She!!!! She being all those other wives, partners and girlfriends of crossdressers. She being the poor woman who made the mistake of reading the books he purchased; joining the Internet forum he recommended; seeing the therapist he chose. Its nothing to do with sexual arousal or objectification of females. Oh, of course not!! And it’s perfectly understandable, isn’t it, since men’s underwear is always only and forever Tighty Whities or Abrasive Boxers? Right???







The NSA Crossdressing Porn Parade

I know I should feel moral outrage and disgust at my government for grossly violating my right to privacy, and I do!  But… I must admit that my first thought was, “I wonder what the NSA thinks about all those smartphone photos of men in 1/4 cup bras, sheer lacy panties, seamed stockings, garters and high heels?”  Can you image it?  The never-ending data stream of crossdresser after crossdresser exchanging cellphone images and forwarding them to their Flickr, Twitter and blog accounts?  Each of them trying to suck that gut in a little more, scrunch some more cleavage out of those pecs, grimacing their  sexy smile, one arm extended as far as possible trying to fit that 6’9″ (including 5 inch stilettos) mass of fake femme onto a 2″x3″ screenshot.  LOL!!!  
And even better, some mindless hunk of metal, plastic and wires, analyzing at the speed of light the responding texts of “You’re so hot!”, “Sexxxxxy”, and “I’d do you!”  No amount of mathematical modeling could make sense of this.  I see terabytes of THAT DOES NOT COMPUTE flashing across the screen of some HTSI subcontracted flunky.  Poor guy, eventually he will be forced to manually analyze the non-sensical data, at higher personal risk.  He, too, will arrive at the same conclusion.  It does not compute.  Garbage in, garbage out.

My Story

I assume that any blog readers who stumble across my tiny blip and know anything about being the wife of a crossdresser would expect my first post to be My Story.  I have My Story down to 3 short sentences now, after having repeated it in PFLAGG, SANON and TG Support Groups and Tri Ess Spouse Meetings. I have repeated it on Tri Ess list serves, Yahoo chat groups, mHb closed forums, CD Significant Others open forums, Wives bulletin boards and Subreddits.  So, it’s out there. If you really feel like you have to know ground zero before you can follow me, you’ll find it.  It probably started as three or four 12 sentence paragraphs, but now it’s short.  It was never sweet.
My Story will eventually unfold here, in greater detail, and with much greater self-understanding.  Probably not in a chronological fashion.  Probably not in order of importance.  Probably not with content which is of interest to anyone, other than me.
So….. SEX.  It’s all about sex.  That’s crossdressing.  Sex.