Providing Arousal

Cross-dressing is a psychosexual disorder of men who wear women’s clothing for the purposes of becoming sexually aroused. It is a chronic disorder – it cannot be cured, and it will never go away. It is a progressive disease – what starts as masturbating to ads for women’s lingerie progresses to wearing mothers or sisters panties progresses to buying, or stealing, their own lingerie progresses to more complete outfits in tight sweaters, skirts and high heels progresses to wigs, makeup and falsies progresses to sneaking out in public while dressed as a woman progresses to a complete obsession with being seen by others as a sexually attractive woman.

It is a disease. It is men practicing their sexual fetish in public. Exposing innocent women and children, as collateral damage, in their pursuit for greater, more prolonged, sexual arousal. Their desire to publicly practice their sexual

Transvestic Fetishism progresses to Autogynephilic Transvestism. Autogynephilia creates such an obsession with “being a woman” that men look for excuses to justify their obsession. They become convinced that were actually “supposed to be a woman”. They come to believe they were born with a “woman’s brain”. They claim they are “a woman trapped in a man’s body”.

This isn’t internal, innate identity. Its sexual fetishism. It’s the practice of public sex, with participation forced on others.

Providing arousal. That is why men want to be woman. It provides them with sexual arousal.

They are Still Out There

Terrifying to know the impact a single person can have on the entire life of a child.

Chocolate flavored condoms.

“Sexy” girls panties.

Legos building blocks.

Women, know your place

fire in my belly

Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas has changed its policy to allow transgender people to use the public toilets of their choice. This was reported with a sense of victory by Anna Waugh of, “the premier media source for LGBT Texas”.

Anna Waugh’s article states:

Transgender woman Paula Witherspoon got a ticket for using a women’s restroom at Parkland last year. The incident helped prompt the hospital to add trans protections to its policies, which also extend to visitors.

What Anna Waugh failed to report, however, was that Paula Witherspoon a.k.a. Paul Ray Witherspoon is a convicted sex offender. His victims were two teenage girls.

So good ol’ Parkland Hospital in Dallas has changed its policy to allow men like Paul Ray Witherspoon to use female toilets to protect his “gender identity” at the expense of any teenage girls who might also be using said toilets. Where does the…

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The NSA Crossdressing Porn Parade

I know I should feel moral outrage and disgust at my government for grossly violating my right to privacy, and I do!  But… I must admit that my first thought was, “I wonder what the NSA thinks about all those smartphone photos of men in 1/4 cup bras, sheer lacy panties, seamed stockings, garters and high heels?”  Can you image it?  The never-ending data stream of crossdresser after crossdresser exchanging cellphone images and forwarding them to their Flickr, Twitter and blog accounts?  Each of them trying to suck that gut in a little more, scrunch some more cleavage out of those pecs, grimacing their  sexy smile, one arm extended as far as possible trying to fit that 6’9″ (including 5 inch stilettos) mass of fake femme onto a 2″x3″ screenshot.  LOL!!!  
And even better, some mindless hunk of metal, plastic and wires, analyzing at the speed of light the responding texts of “You’re so hot!”, “Sexxxxxy”, and “I’d do you!”  No amount of mathematical modeling could make sense of this.  I see terabytes of THAT DOES NOT COMPUTE flashing across the screen of some HTSI subcontracted flunky.  Poor guy, eventually he will be forced to manually analyze the non-sensical data, at higher personal risk.  He, too, will arrive at the same conclusion.  It does not compute.  Garbage in, garbage out.