Response to ‘D’

Over the weekend I received a series of lengthy comments from ‘D’. They were mostly repetitive in nature and included large quotes from material I previously posted in , a post dealing with sexual criminal behavior by crossdressers. In lieu of releasing the full comments (long, repetitive) I will be posting a general response to the overall points raised by ‘D’:

I agree, if I had not limited my online searches to crossdressers/transvestites, I would have certainly found either more than 100+ crimes in 2 hours or I would have found 100 in significantly less time. Crossdressers represent a small percentage of the overall population, 2-2.5%, so obviously there will be a lower number of sex crimes than the general male population.

You are right, crossdressing does not automatically lead to criminal sexual behavior, as defined by current laws. There is, however, both proven correlation and causation. Psychological material consistently reports the high incident of co-existing secondary parapillias of voyuerism, exhibitionism, advanced stage (sociopathic) narcissism and BSDM with both consensual and non-consensual partners. The same material also notes the need, on the part of the diagnosed, to escalate to higher and higher risk activity in order to satisfy their compulsions. This risk taking behavior is what leads to criminal sexual behavior. Psychological material also describes how repetitive practice of compulsive behavior reduces self-awareness of the antisocial aspects of the behavior, making it increasingly likely that the crossdresser will fail to see any harm in his escalating behavior and increasing his risk taking. Along the lines of the Internet porn addict justifying his behavior with “everybody does it” as he advances from cleavage shots to penetrative sex to BSDM acting to footage of actual rape.

The correlation of crossdressing with criminal sexual behavior is similar to that of an Internet search ‘accountant+malfeasance+financial fraud+charitable organizational bankruptcy’. The person in the best position to steal money from a charitable institution is the accountant who does all the bookkeeeping with little, if any, knowledgeable oversight. There is an inherent risk, so there is a natural correlation. Crossdressers are practicing a sexual arousal based compulsion which escalates over time. It will get worse, in one way or another.

Every crossdresser IS a pervert, that is the definition of paraphillias. I am not suggesting we take them out and hang them, I am acknowledging that they have a psychological disorder which needs support and treatment. I don’t support turning your back on someone in need when they are working to change. If you are eager to stop crossdressing and are willing to do the work needed to overcome this disorder, I applaud your wife and family for supporting your efforts.

The point I was making with my earlier post is not that sexual crimes are committed by people in general, but rather that some crossdressers DO escalate into sexually criminal behavior. Furthermore, that opening public accommodations specifically segregated for females to males, on the basis their their self-identification as “women”, will increase the prevalence of this sexually criminal behavior, from both crossdresser escalation as well as other sexual predators who will choose to use this loophole to further their agendas.

Crossdressers aren’t born, they create themselves, through repetitive practice of dopamine-reward behavior. People are born. Their biological sex is either female or male, and in the extremely rare occurrence, intersexed. Your birth sex is one of the previous. Gender is a socialization process. No one, regardless of their birth sex, is born with pre-evolved social stereotypes.

Your desire to be a feminine male is perfectly fine with me. You should feel free to wear all the pink g-strings, purple thongs and sheer lace that International Jock sells. You are welcome to wear pink striped seersucker suits in the summer and brilliant royal blue v-neck sweaters in the winter. Carry a murse. Throw on a colorful scarf. Slip into some red, sour apple green or aqua blue shoes .

Your choice to insult me by caricaturing hyper-femininity and claiming that it makes you feel like a woman in not acceptable. It is blatant, sexist discrimination. It’s ridicule and misogyny. And the fact that you don’t see how this behavior insults and demeans women is exactly why it should be classified as a hate crime.

I know plenty of “men who are attentive, loyal, loving, caring, respectful, honest, etc.” They managed to develop these attributes without sexualizing women, that you cannot is the reason your behavior is classified as a psychological disorder.

I don’t care how much pain or distress my husband may have experienced during his life due to this disorder. Nor do I need to learn any more about Transvestism. The facts of this disease have not changed in a century and all contemporary research continues to support the sexual origins. My husband is a highly intelligent, well educated man with both the financial resources and social awareness to have addressed this before he ever met me. He chose not to change, but to continue to indulge himself.

He’s a pervert who insults women. I have self respect. GAME OVER