I support the right for anyone to wear whatever they wish so long as it is not hateful and discriminatory to another, whether by intention or not, and meets standard codes of decency.

I feel that males should be allowed to wear any articles of men’s clothing they desire without fear of discrimination for their choice of color, cut, material or style.

I believe that where the desired choice of clothing is not available in men’s clothing, males should be able to wear articles of clothing designed for females without fear of discrimination so long as there also exists a physiological need for such clothing. Cost is not not an allowable factor in determining availability. If it is made for men, by anyone, anywhere, it is available to males. If you can’t afford to buy it, as made for men, then make your own.

I feel rational, intelligent adults should have the right to purchase whatever cosmetic surgery services they desire. I believe the desire for cosmetic surgery is a personal one, for which the burden of cost must be solely held by the individual, along with any continuing medical treatments required as a result of surgery.

I know that biological, chromosomal sex is immutable. That is a fact. No amount of hormone replacement therapy and cosmetic surgery can change biological sex.

I believe that all legal and social recognition of sex must be based on fact. Biological sex is your sex. Attempts to redefine sex categories represent an aggressive erasure of my biological sex.

I don’t believe in gender as an identity. Gender norms are a socialization tool designed to maintain a system of male hierarchy. Applying any other concept of gender appropriates my actual identity.

I completely support the rights of all individuals to throw off the sex-based roles they have been assigned by patriarchal societies.

It’s OK to be yourself. It’s not OK for you to be me.

Appropriation of another’s biological sex is a violent transgression, a violation of basic human rights.

2 thoughts on “Transgressions

  1. Well said. What all women everywhere need to learn is this:
    if they end up in a relationship with a male transsexual, he will try to become them.
    I know a woman whose ex-husband tried to do this and threatened to kill her
    when she divorced him and took custody of their children. He actually had the
    arrogance to appear in court UNDER HER NAME!!!!!!!
    What an abusive narcissistic whacko!!!
    Guys who later get hormonal and surgical treatment are likely to have secretly
    copied their wives or girlfriends’ hairstyles, dress sense, makeup styling, etc.
    Why? Because on the whole, people end up with people who look a little bit like
    themselves. The problem is, lots of people don’t realise this. Transsexuals, as
    narcissists, take this to extremes.

    Here’s an idea – male transsexuals are guilty of IDENTITY THEFT of women.
    Also, if they secretly use their wives or girlfriends’ clothing, they are also guilty
    of identity theft.
    They should be legally charged as such. We need an international women’s
    movement to push laws on this issue.

  2. You might be interested in Thomas Sheridan’s book Puzzling People. I was with a clinical psychopath for 2 years without realizing it (because he was very friendly to my face). I later discovered that he had been entirely co-opting my identity and using it to attract other female victims. I also discovered he had been poisoning me for months in an attempt to get me to go crazy and kill myself. It almost worked. Anyway, Sheridan’s book describes these people in a way so accurately that no other book seems to. His lectures on YouTube are also really good, and he does mention transsexual women psychopaths as actually wanting to crawl inside your skin and be you. They are very jealous of us. They want to absorb your identity and discard you. Right now I’m sort if working on a thesis about it, mostly because I think it’s a product of mercury and copper poisoning. Thanks for being vocal about this…women need people like you to shine a light in this vast darkness.

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