When Your Therapist, Your Man, and Most of Society is Calling You Hateful and Ignorant

It’s a terrible place to be, that corner they back you into, with their contortions, their lies and their own fearful minds.  You find yourself there, alone, with almost no published information to support you.  Perhaps others are misguided or poorly informed, but He knows the truth, and you know he knows it.  

Read this https://reneejg.net/2017/02/27/how-do-you-know-if-youre-transphobic-and-what-is-to-be-done-about-it/ and know that how you feel, what you perceive, is accurate.  Don’t let them gaslight you.  Stay strong.  Try to speak without fear.  We, too, know that truth, and we support you.

WSO transcript

Watch the video, it’s worth the time. Words cannot capture the amount of disrespect to the women serving as panelists were subjected.. Then review this transcript to clarify what the panel speakers were trying to have heard.

WSO Transcript

This is a transcript of footage from the the Women Speak Out press conference that took place June 16th, 2016 in Tacoma, WA.

If possible, I strongly urge the reader to view the WSO footage in video form, in full or in part. The text pales in comparison to actually witnessing these women speaking out. Furthermore, video imparts a greater understanding of the the aggressive reactions that come to bear and the difficulty women have even gathering to speak on this topic.

Knowing that not everyone can or will watch the footage, it is my hope that transcription will aid in amplifying the voices of these women.  I hope to provide a faithful alternative for those who find it difficult and triggering to view the emotional content of the footage, or who may find fast reference material helpful in sharing the important messages of these women.

I am…

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I Know I’m A Woman

“and when he dresses in my daughter’s underwear and masturbates, he is brave, not creepy. And when he dresses in my clothes and wants have lesbian sex with me, it’s transphobic of me to feel uncomfortable”

So much truth here.

There Are So Many Things Wrong With This

De Beauvoir wrote on becoming a woman. She’s right in the sense that none of us are born with a sense of being male or female, we are born human beings.

I was born an infant female of the sexually dimorphic species we like to call humans. Gender wasn’t a big thing in my life. Though I had two older brothers, it didn’t cross my mind at that age that there might be any expectations of my biology. I didn’t know because no one told me, and nobody seemed all that bothered at first. I was raised around a child who was gender nonconforming to a degree that these days would certainly get him marched straight down to the gender clinic, but us kids thought little of it and certainly never questioned, belittled or made fun of his preferences. He was our friend and playmate and the adults never turned a…

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