My Story

I assume that any blog readers who stumble across my tiny blip and know anything about being the wife of a crossdresser would expect my first post to be My Story.  I have My Story down to 3 short sentences now, after having repeated it in PFLAGG, SANON and TG Support Groups and Tri Ess Spouse Meetings. I have repeated it on Tri Ess list serves, Yahoo chat groups, mHb closed forums, CD Significant Others open forums, Wives bulletin boards and Subreddits.  So, it’s out there. If you really feel like you have to know ground zero before you can follow me, you’ll find it.  It probably started as three or four 12 sentence paragraphs, but now it’s short.  It was never sweet.
My Story will eventually unfold here, in greater detail, and with much greater self-understanding.  Probably not in a chronological fashion.  Probably not in order of importance.  Probably not with content which is of interest to anyone, other than me.
So….. SEX.  It’s all about sex.  That’s crossdressing.  Sex.