Another Day, Another Man Appropriating Women’s Lives For The Lulz

These are men. These are always men. Men who want to own you and make your life theirs.

They have dehumanized you. Turned you into an object. A thing. A thing that they can be, whenever they want.

ann tagonist

This is Mary, a sixty-something year old man who took it upon himself to join an explicitly woman-only feminist Facebook group. Admittedly, the group is open to anyone who claims to experience oppression based on the fact that they identify as a woman (whatever that means) but a man Mary’s age should know that doesn’t mean him. Here is Mary’s introductory post in the group:

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4 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Man Appropriating Women’s Lives For The Lulz

  1. All female space must be violated, sez the violation imperative. The impregnable class can never have anything simply their own. It must always be about the menz.

  2. This has to be the sickest thing I’ve ever read. This “woman” fathered 13 children (one didn’t survive). He was married 39 years and brags about living 30 of those years in a strict patriarchal sect that didn’t allow contraception or divorce (women are only good for **cking and bearing children). This sick excuse for a human being slept in the same bed with a woman and impregnated her 13 times. She wasn’t allowed to use contraception, and she couldn’t divorce him. What sane woman gives birth to 13 children by choice? Now, he calls himself a “woman” and has the audacity to join a feminist group. This sick old fart prattles on about “maintaining my figure” after 12 children (this sick guy always forgets about the child who died, but his ex-wife doesn’t). Women wonder how “she” could maintain “her” figure after 12 children. He didn’t give birth to the children. One of his posts states, “I do like it when other women wonder how I can have a good figure”. This is one arrogant, pompous piece of work. He also likes being admired.

    He is just a creepy old cross dressing man who should have had a vasectomy instead of impregnating his wife 13 times. Real men don’t treat women like **ck objects and baby makers. This old cross dressing troll is not a woman and not a “feminist”. I wouldn’t even call him a man because real men respect women.

    • Agree entirely except with the No True Scotsman bit. A man is a man is a man is a man. A man cannot be voted out of maleness just because he makes men as a whole look a little bit worse than it already does.

  3. This creep is a real piece of work. I would not let him in any women’s own space. He need’s to be locked up somewhere or under some legal mandated psychiatric counseling.

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