Crossdresser Punches Woman in the Face

Be sure to read the comments, and note how very, very few of them even acknowledge his violence against women. With all the previously suppressed news and only recently allowed limited news coverage, why has this violence against women not been analyzed? Emulating women doesn’t show flattery and respect, it shows disrespect and misogyny.

Crossdressers hate women.

Their very act of pretending to be women, mocks women. When you admire and care for someone, do you show that by mocking them? Ridicule them by dressing and behaving in gross exaggeration?

Their compulsive sexual obsession with being “their own” sex toy, clearly shows they only value women for their sexuality. Sexuality which has been defined by men in order to appeal to men. Does reducing another person, an entire class of people, down to their sex appeal show respect for them? Does it indicate they see each individual as a whole person, with a multitude of abilities, personality and intelligence? (see also )

The concept of crossdressing is harmful to women. The objectification and sexualization it perpetuates is harmful to all women. Reducing women to a pile of semen soaked clothing is demeaning. It is sexist. It is discriminatory. It is hateful.

Crossdressers hate women.

5 thoughts on “Crossdresser Punches Woman in the Face

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks men crossdressing whether gay or not actually mock women with their exaggerated demeanor, makeup, and clothing. The worst offenders are entertainers that dress as women to do comedy. They are the worst of the worst! If it were a white man impersonating “black face” it would be deemed racism!

  2. Today I had a cross dresser talking to me at a thrift store. We were having a pleasant talk about the music industry. But then expressed my opinion that I thought women in music should really tone dancing around almost naked because I think it undermines other female entertainers and puts hyper sexuality above talent. This apparently did not sit well with him. A few minutes later I saw a very cute dress and pulled it from the rack . He turned around and yanked it away from me and yelled ” NO you can’t have that, I was going to buy that . It was weird and mean.

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