“If gender was …

I have nothing to add to this. #TRUTH


One thought on ““If gender was …

  1. yeah, it’s an ‘acting’ culture we live in – act like this, act like that and all the trained monkeys will believe your ‘act’ haha. But with almost a century of people growing up with/indoctrinated with movies/tv – ‘acting’ your life becomes the norm, (well it always was, but at least before audio/visual media, you had to be good at it, and could only learn from other good actors of life), the trouble with tv/movies, is that people think it’s ok to just do some utterly shallow fake acting and they then demand the audience applaud. Why am I or anyone else expected to suspend disbelief in the case of trannies. Suspending disbelief is a trained behaviour when it comes to fiction/entertainment, not in real life, When the state moves to criminalise suspending disbelief, you know you’re living in a bad movie.

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