Sheila Jeffreys and @Facebook

Women are being silenced, banned from internet media access, simply for stating that masculinity is a dominant social perception over femininity. Basically, for saying our society values men more than women. This is not a new concept. And it is, in fact, an accurate statement. “Gender Equality” would not be a global issue if women were, in fact, considered equal to men. If we cannot say “Women are not yet equal to men and we live under a social system which oppresses us in many ways” then how will we ever address this inequality? How will we ever be liberated from it? Maybe we won’t. Maybe that is what the male-dominated media and technology industries want – they want men to dominate women.

One thought on “Sheila Jeffreys and @Facebook

  1. Men being able to deliver death threats, call us cunts, and this is not banned, or stopped, or even flagged.

    So now, it’s against FB law to say we are all, masculine and feminine both. We must be ONE Gender. Regressive, reactionary, conservative, and so misogynistic, because there are many male scientists saying this. It was banned because it’s Jeffreys.

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