Was it Rape or Is it Fraud?

It certainly wasn’t a lie.  Not “just a lie” in exactly the same way it isn’t “just clothes”.   At what point does not knowing enough to say NO! to some “thing” you abhor, some “thing” to which you would never knowingly agree, qualify as rape?  His perversion was not consensual.  His hateful, hurtful, insulting femulation was not consensual.  WE did not enter into this, together, as equals, out of shared choice.  My attorney can make a case for fraud, but it ultimately may cost more than any settlement I could receive.  It may cost me the assets which could be used to educate my children, to put a new roof over our heads when we escape.  I can forego recovery of damages and just lay claim to those assets.  Get screwed and take the money.  Prostitute myself.  It feels like rape.

4 thoughts on “Was it Rape or Is it Fraud?

    • Hi pantypopo! I found your blog through GenderTrender. I just read the Vice article you linked to, and it made me sick to my stomach. Of course the author was a transwomen, it’s blindingly apparent by how he wrote about how “*giggle* I’m such a slutty girl! I love being felt up strangers and going to fetish clubs and have everyone tell me what a sexy lady I am!” How lovely to read yet another post perpetuating the idea that all women are pornographic (“liberated”) sexy caricatures. And of course not disclosing whether one is trans is EXACTLY like not disclosing whether one is married b/c reasons.

      Except for a few comments, everyone was tripping over themselves to say how anyone who doesn’t want to sleep with a transperson is a homophobic bigot. And it’s the greatest human rights violation since the Holocaust, Darfur, and Sarajevo to arrest a transperson for deceiving someone about their biological sex. This is the most lesbian hating thing I’ve seen-of course they don’t care about lesbian rape victims who bring someone home to find surprise! they have a penis. Her PTSD, her violation, and her safety mean nothing compared to the rights of transwomen.

      Let’s call things what they really are: if you deceive someone and say that you’re a certain biological sex when you aren’t, and they wouldn’t have had sex with you if they knew, then you’re a disgusting rapist.

  1. Maybe I need to revisit the link. When I posted it, the responses were overwheminly from heterosexual men. They were adamant that they would consider themselves as having been raped if they had sex with a male-birth transgender who represented himself to them as being female. It’s also possible that the author of the article had comments which offended him removed.

    That response from heterosexual males is repeated in nearly all such discussions. It is unusual that the TGs go after those men with the hate and vitriol which they dump on females who rightfully hold forth that male biology does not change with medication and mutilation. They usually don’t have guts to beat up on men when women are less of a threat to them.

    I will start adding links to those additional complaints of Rape as I encounter them.

    It is hard for me to express the horror that I feel for any lesbian who finds she has been targeted for abuse by a male-birth transgender, at any stage of transition…. Perhaps that should be in a Post of Its Own.

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