JLaw’s leaked nudes: For men who hate women, the violation of privacy is part of the thrill

“For men who hate women, the violation of privacy is part of the thrill”, let that sink in.

The post is interesting, be sure to read it.

But it’s the title that speaks so much truth: For men who hate women, the violation of privacy is part of the thrill.

Men who hate women desire to violate them, to eliminate their right to privacy, to force onto women the presence, imposition and voyeuristic desires of those men. It thrills them, that violation, that being there, that seeing you, that force of theirs against your rights.

we hunted the mammoth

Scumbag Reddit strikes again. Scumbag Reddit strikes again.

If you’re a straight guy looking for “fapping” material, the internet is your friend. It’s awash in freely available pictures of naked women of every size, shape, color, age, or hairstyle you prefer. And if you want more than pictures, the internet is happy to oblige, offering up videos featuring women of every description engaging in every sex act you can imagine, and then some.

You might think this would be enough.

But for some straight dudes, it evidently isn’t. They don’t just want to look at the mind-bogglingly enormous selection of women out there who have agreed to pose naked, or even perform explicit sex acts, on camera.

No, they also want to look at women who haven’t agreed to have their nude photos put on the internet. Hence the popularity of “ex-girlfriend” or “revenge porn” sites, filled with pictures that are (or at…

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2 thoughts on “JLaw’s leaked nudes: For men who hate women, the violation of privacy is part of the thrill

    • Transgenderist males are often both voyeuristic and exhibitionist. Both tendencies are driven by their pleasure at violating another. The same thrill gender-conforming males find in violating women’s privacy with stolen images, up-skirt photos, and revenge porn.

      It is highly arousing to them to practice their sexual fetish in public. For others to “see them as a woman”. It is that violation of the unwilling, unprotected viewer which excites them so.

      Just as it is their presence and participation in women’s spaces provides voyeuristic thrills. Forcing their way into female spaces where males are not wanted is a violation of women’s privacy. That violation is part of the thrill.

      Men will go to extraordinary lengths to get their thrills.

      Men who hate women will violate any boundary in order to get their thrills. The more invasive the violation, the greater the thrill: rape, forced pregnancy, parental rights to the children born of rape, appropriation of our sex class, colonization of our selves.

      Male-born transgenderists hate women. They are thrilled to be violating us.

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